Do you have concerns about:12728547 - unhappy senior couple worrying about expenses at home

  • Running out of money if you (or your spouse) become ill  and require significant care?
  • Having no control over who provides care for you if you need it?
  • Choosing the type of care you want and where you want to receive it?
  • Leaving an inheritance to your loved ones, only to have it taken by their creditors?
  • Your children misusing the property or money you leave to them?
  • Providing support to a loved one with a disability both during your lifetime and after your passing?
  • Making sure your wishes about care and your finances are carried out?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we can help.

The biggest challenge facing seniors today is how to pay for long-term care.  Montana Nursing Homes costs average about $7,000 per month.  If you fail to plan for long-term care, you can have your entire life savings wiped out.

The Darty Law Office is a Montana Elder Law Firm helping seniors and their families with long-term care legal issues that they are currently facing or will face in the future.  Proactive planning is a strategy where we use a Montana Medicaid Compliant Trust to transfer assets into prior to the Medicaid 5 year look-back period.  Crisis Planning involves taking a current long term care patient, and working with the family to transition assets from countable assets, to non-countable assets as defined by Medicaid in order to expedite the Montana Medicaid qualification period.

Qualifying for Medicaid in Montana or other government benefits potentially available to you (like Montana Veterans Aid and Attendance pension) can mean the difference between losing your life savings and living comfortably throughout your golden years or struggling to pay your bills.

We, at the Darty Law Office focus on helping our clients plan for their long-term care.  Our focus is on our client’s independence, safety, and security so they can age with dignity, passing on homes and savings to their kids, friends, and or to charities.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone be able to cut through the bureaucracy and red tape of long-term care planning? Through our extensive knowledge of Montana benefit programs like Medicaid and Veterans Aid and Attendance pension, we can help you and your family come up with a plan to pay for your long-term care and to protect your life’s savings.

We also help seniors with estate planning and guardianship issues. If your parents need a durable power of attorney or an advanced directive for healthcare, we can help. If you have a loved one who is unable to manage his/her own financial affairs or unable to care for himself/herself, we can assist you with obtaining a conservatorship and guardianship.

When it comes time to address the legal issues facing seniors, the solutions may be very different than those appropriate for younger persons.  For that reason, an experienced Elder Law attorney must be consulted in order to fully understand the strategies available for your family.  If you’d like to learn more, click on the Request A Consultation button on this page to schedule a free consultation.  Thank you.